Another reason to love Twitter

Being here and there at the same time. Today is Saturday. I’ve just been out to the buy some vegetables, had my shoes mended and I’m now doing the laundry. Oh, also, I’m attending a couple of conferences. On Twitter.

As I type, I’m watching Professor Steve Wheeler (@timbuckteeth)’s keynote live from the Computer in Education Society of Ireland conference (#cesi12). Various participants are tweeting from the conference, making it possible to get a feeling of what’s going on, see people’s slides, get soundbites, etc. Thanks @DeputyMitchell, @catherinecronin and others!

At the same time, I’m catching up with content from the ICT Links into Languages (#ililc2) conference organised by Links into Languages, with participants such as Joe Dale (@joedale) and Rachel Hawkes sharing content on the twitter backchannel.

Twitter is such an amazing tool for staying tuned into what’s happening – yet another reason to love Twitter.


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