Upcoming talk – DILTEC International conference, Paris Sorbonne

I will presenting a paper entitled “Using Online Asynchronous Discussions for Peer-­Feedback: a Case-­Study” at a conference organised by the Didactique des langues, des Textes et des Cultures group (DILTEC) on 20, 21, 22 June 2012 in Paris. The conference is entitled “Langages – Cultures – Sociétés : interrogations didactiques” (Languages-Cultures-Societies).

This presentation will showcase the final results of a case-study which I conducted between September 2011 and March 2012. The study consisted of using online discussion forums for peer-feedback in an undergraduate translation class. The preliminary results were presented in Southampton in January 2012.

More upcoming talks here.


4 responses to “Upcoming talk – DILTEC International conference, Paris Sorbonne

  1. Amparo Lallana

    Hi, Benoit
    You presented something along these lines@ LLAS last January and i came to your presentation. Keen to know which Self access language pack you use @ man u , fully i integrated into your blackboard page. You showed it at your session but cant remember. euro talk? Tell me more? “Rosetta stone? . Im looking for one at my uni.
    Would appreciate your tip. Here or email. Thank you

  2. Hi Amparo,
    In Southampton, I think the platform I talked about was the social networking site Ning.com, which we use for discussion forums, etc. in addition to Moodle.
    However, we do also use a self-access language software: Tell Me More (campus version). It isn’t yet integrated to our CMS; students receive their 12-mont login via email. We’re hoping to have it more tightly integrated starting September 2012.
    We did also consider Rosetta Stone, but the software doesn’t go higher than (I think) B1 level, and we needed B2 and C1 levels for our students of French, Spanish, Italian and German in their second and final year.
    Overall, we’re very pleased with Tell Me More, despite very low student engagement during this first year of rolling it out.
    If you need any more details, please let me know!

  3. Amparo Lallana

    Very helpful, thanks. Will check Tell me more. The higher levels are a plus…

  4. Amparo Lallana

    I use the discussion boards hosted in blackboard, students moderate the discussions themselves. It’s working out quite well so far.

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