Languages for Specific Purposes in HE 2015 – it’s happening!

So, happy days! I can now confirm that we are going ahead with the organisation of an event called Languages for Specific Purposes in Higher Education 2015. This will take place here in Manchester on 11th September. This is the event I talked about in my previous post (which goes back a while, yes).

As I explained previously, the idea of this event is to bring together colleagues from UK HEIs to discuss provisions and practices in LSP across the country. Think French for medics, German for engineers, and so on. It’s a very small scale event (20 attendees, for now anyway), and for this reason I won’t reproduce the call for registrations on this blog – the email was circulated earlier this week on the AULC mailing list. You can DM me if you are interested but missed the email.

I’m really excited about the idea that our event could make a very small contribution to the development of LSP provisions in this country. It’s been very interesting hearing about so many institutions who came back to us explaining what LSP courses they used to offer, and at the moment it certainly seems like the context is right for this type of courses to thrive again.

At some stage we’ll probably set a page, perhaps on this blog, to aggregate all slides from the event. More on this soon.


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