Monthly Archives: January 2017

Giving two workshops in Brno, Czech Republic

I’m quite excited about this: next week I’m invited to the Language Centre of Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic, to deliver two teacher training workshops.

This collaboration stemmed from meeting Masaryk University Language Centre director Libor Štěpánek some months ago. I was very interested in their provision in languages for specific purposes (LSP) – most of what MU language centre does is effectively LSP – since I organise the LSPHE conference here in the UK.

I’m really hoping that this will be an interesting exchange with MU colleagues, as I think there is a lot of learn from them – particularly having heard Libor Štěpánek present at #AULC2017 last week! They seem to be a pedagogically advanced and very creative language teaching centre.

In these two workshops (this one and that one), I will be talking about the medical language provision I was involved with at the University of Manchester until last September, and about the development of the LSPHE conference since 2015. I will also organise discussions around pedagogical issues in LSP, which I am hoping to learn a lot from.

I’ll try and report here when I’m back. Until then, don’t forget to look at the LSPHE2017 call for papers!