Teaching with audio-visual resources – 12/09/14

On this page you will find all the resources you’ll need when attending the session “Teaching with audio-visual resources” on 12th September 2014, at the University of Manchester.

[Slides upcoming]

Web links related to copyright issues

Sample videos – Design your own activity

Video 1 – British Comedy – Fawlty towers

Video 2 – British silent comedy  Mr Bean

Video 3 – Italian advert


Box of Broadcast

  • Go to http://bobnational.net
  • Log in as a UoM user
  • Access programmes
  • Request a programme recording
  • Embed your programme in Blackboard 9
  • Create playlists

Useful software when working with video

  • Windows Live Movie Maker – Video editor for Microsoft Windows
  • iMovie – Video editor for Apple OS X
  • Handbrake – A very useful open-source piece of software that lets you convert parts of a DVD into a digital file. (OS X / Linux / Windows)
  • Xilisoft DVD Ripper – Paid software that lets you convert parts of a DVD into a digital file. (Windows only)
  • Camtasia – Powerful screen capture software with integrated video editor (Windows / OS X)

Further reading and weblinks:

JISC: YouTube and Vimeo for Education

The Five Best Tools for Creating Videos Without Installing Software

Teaching technologies: teaching English using video (ideas)

Converting a video online (change the format of a video file: .mp4 –> .wmv, etc.)

Film In Language Teaching Association 

The New Media Consortium: Horizon Report 2013 (HE edition)

Online Learning Task Force (The), 2011. Collaborate to compete: Seizing the opportunity of online learning for UK higher education. A report to HEFCE.

Warschauer, M., 2006. Laptops and Literacy: learning in the wireless classroom. New York, Teachers College Press.

Xilisoft DVD to WMV help and full licence purchase ($30)

Handbrake help (Mac)

Windows Movie Maker help (Windows 7 & Vista)

iMovie help (Mac)


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