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Getting feedback – writing a PhD proposal, pt.2

About six weeks ago, I published a post called A Dream Upon Waking (writing a PhD proposal, pt.1) where I started describing the (slow) process of writing my PhD proposal. I was delighted to receive some very useful feedback from fellow bloggers (and as a matter of fact, if you’re also writing a research proposal, I would suggest you follow the link above and read these comments).

So, I’ve been hard at work since then and I’ve finally come to something that hopefully looks like a fully-formed research proposal. I’ve already phoned a friend, so this time I’d like to ask the audience:

If you’re interested in educational research, digital literacies, social media or networked learning, I’d be immensely grateful if you could take a minute to read my proposal and comment on it.

Click here to read my PhD proposal.

You can leave comments on the page itself, or you can use the ‘comments’ section at the bottom of this page. Your feedback will be much appreciated!

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A Dream Upon Waking (writing a PhD proposal, pt.1)

God it’s hard to write a PhD proposal!

After reading about the topics of Digital Literacy and teacher development for a little while now, attending and presenting at conferences, talking to colleagues and taking lots of notes, I was hoping that writing up a research proposal wouldn’t be such a difficult task. Well, I was wrong.

I’ve just spent the past week trying and articulate what it is I would like to research about and it feels a little bit like trying to remember a dream at breakfast: the more I think about it and write about it, the vaguer it seems to become. I’m sure I had a pretty good idea to start with! Where is it now?

The good news is, people tell me it’s normal, and if I feel like I don’t know anything anymore, it’s a good way to start. I just wish I’d been through this 3 months ago. Time is ticking fast and PhD programme applications deadlines are looming nearer.

Anyway, thanks for reading – any comments appreciated. Please share your experience with me!